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Handmade in Italy

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Industrial Lamps and Sustainable Design

Bridging the Past and Present to Illuminate the Future

Placida Lettis Luce embodies a journey through time, serving as an art and design laboratory where history is reimagined in a contemporary context.

Daniela Marzolla, the creative force behind Placida Lettis Luce, has dedicated her heart and her art to the recovery and conservative restoration of industrial lamps from the last century.

Welcome to Placida Lettis Luce, where the art of restoration meets sustainable design. We offer an exclusive collection of industrial lamps carefully restored, preserving the authenticity and elegance of the past. Each lamp is a unique piece, telling stories of bygone eras and contributing to a sustainable approach to design. Discover how our commitment to restoration and sustainable design can illuminate your space with style and conscience.

Restoration of Industrial Lamps

Explore our eclectic world of industrial lamp restoration, where art meets functionality. Each lamp is a masterfully restored work of art, preserving its original character and unique history.

The Charm of Restoration

Discover the charm of the restoration of industrial lamps at Placida Lettis Luce. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand, bringing to life not only a source of light, but a story of bygone eras.

Sustainable Design and Unique Lighting

Embrace sustainable design with our restored industrial lamps. We are committed to offering lighting solutions that not only add style to your space, but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

Restoration with Passion

Our restoration of industrial lamps goes beyond technical expertise. He is driven by a passion to preserve authenticity and transform each piece into a fascinating testimony of design and history.

Sustainable Lighting for Your Space

Discover how Placida Lettis Luce combines the restoration of industrial lamps with a sustainable approach to design. It brings the elegance of the past into the present, contributing to a bright and sustainable future.

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Daniela Marzolla

The Manifestation of My Creativity

At Placida Lettis Luce, every lamp is a hidden gem waiting to be unearthed – a tangible slice of history to be cherished and handed down through generations. For those who pursue elegance, exclusivity, and beauty in every facet of their lives

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A large assortment of meticulously restored industrial lamps

Industrial desk lamp from the 1960s, produced in Hungary
Small industrial wall lamps with glass
Rare industrial lamp, originating from Poland
Extremely rare photographic studio lamp, Ing. Marcucci, 1940s. Exclusive!


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Placida Lettis Luce at the 2023 Edition of the Venice Design Week

From 7 to 15 October, Placida Lettis Luce will be on display in the Light Design section, bringing the art of restoration and the charm of vintage industrial lamps to the heart of Venice

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Placida Lettis Luce has become the reference for the recovery and restoration of industrial lamps, standing out for the meticulousness and attention to detail with which each lamp is dismantled, checked, cleaned, and reconditioned